The Safe-T-Rack M26/M36 system is a remote racking product made specifically for G.E. MagneBlast M26 and M36 medium voltage circuit breakers. There are two system types used with the MagneBlast family of breakers in order to offer a remote racking solution for all breaker applications. The SRN system is designed for use with most indoor applications making it the most commonly used system. In addition we offer the SR system. This system was designed for use with outdoor non walk-in applications. One complete system consists of all the necessary components to outfit and confidently rack a MagneBlast M26 or M36 circuit breaker remotely.


SRN Indoor & Outdoor Walk-In System
Technician using the SRN system to confidently rack breaker.
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SR Outdoor Non-Walk-In System
SR outdoor system in use on non-walk-in switchgear.
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In addition to the Safe-T-Rack system we offer replacement local motors for MagneBlast applications.

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