15kV Cutler Hammer VCPW Breakers


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Color Code: MOCHA
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Keep your team safe with this Remote Racking System designed specifically for 3000 Amp 15kV Cutler Hammer breakers.

Portable, easy to use, and effective – this remote racking system helps protect your team from Arc Blast incidents using our patented Motor Drive Unit and Smart Drive Bracket technology. 

The MOCHA design by Remote Solutions LLC is an open door application that allows a user to rack a breaker from a safe distance of 50 ft or more by using a combination of our patented Smart Drive Bracket, Motor Drive Unit, and Handheld Controller technology.

This design suspends a bracket from the cubicle face using specially installed shoulder nuts.

By attaching a remotely controlled motorized unit to this bracket, a user triggers the racking sequence from a safe distance using a controller and a 50 foot communications cord.

There is also a no-mod version of this product that does not require any permanent changes to cubicles and equipment. See: CARBON.

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Cut Sheet and Operations Manual coming soon! 

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» Custom Specifications

We deliver a system that works with your existing switchgear infrastructure

» Smart Safety Features

Auto-shutoff and auto-disconnect to protect the operator and equipment

» Portable, Ergonomic Design

A remote racking device that’s easy for your crew to move and use

» Precision Engineering

In-house design and manufacturing for responsive innovation

» Universal System

One drive unit mounts on any circuit breaker, even in tight spaces

» Safest Distance

Working distance up to 150 feet

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15kV Cutler Hammer VCPW Breakers

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