Leading the industry in arc flash protection

As leaders in arc flash protection since 2001, we have a single focus: providing remote applications and products to prevent arc flash incidents. To protect your jobs, your equipment, and most importantly your team.

Remote Solutions, LLC

Our team goes to work every day
to make sure your crew gets home safely

Based in Tucson, Arizona, our focus drives us to design, customize, manufacture and test our products under one roof in our state-of-the-art 23,000 sq ft facility to ensure the highest quality, best fit applications that perform every time and in the environments where they’re needed.

This includes creating Safe-T-Rack, the first and only portable remote racking system, adding hot stick and remote operations applications, and continually adding safety features, integrations, and innovations that move the industry forward.

What We Value

» Precision

We own the entire process. When your job and team are on the line, there is no room for error.

» Innovation

We are constantly working to add safety, efficiency and more. If there’s a better way, we’ll find it.

» Flexibility

Customization and portability. Because if it doesn’t work for your crew, it doesn’t work at all.

» Trust

Our products work for our clients. And if there are any issues, we do whatever it takes to make it right.

And most importantly...

» People

Our clients trust us with your safety and the safety of your teams.

Nothing matters more.

Our Team

To deliver the gold standard in arc flash protection, we have a team that’s pure gold.

Leadership, engineers, designers, and production team all working under one roof to ensure seamless design and quality every time.

So we reward their work, we invite their families in for special events, and we take care of the people who take care of you.

Our History

  • 1999

    A handful of engineers began prototyping a better method of arc flash protection

  • 2001

    This group formed Remote Solutions LLC and produced the first Safe-T-Rack application - SR

  • 2004

    We received the first of many Remote Solutions patents and expanded to nuclear applications, while also releasing the first portable remote racking solution - SR-H

  • 2013

    We innovated from SR-H to SR-U for greater portability, battery power and more advanced remote racking technology

  • SB type remote switching device by Safe-T-Rack


    We expanded our product line offerings with SR-U-ROC remote open/close, SR-R-HSO hot stick operator, WiFi control interface for Android and iOS devices

  • 2018

    We added SR-U2 for extreme torque applications, updated SR-U with greater battery energy density, higher-torque, higher speed, extreme turn count capabilities and more advanced remote racking technology

  • Remote Solutions, LLC Exterior headquarters


    We opened our 23,000 sq ft facility to design, produce and test all Remote Solutions products under one roof

  • 2019 and beyond

    We’re developing new ways to bring arc flash protection to more crews and jobsites than ever before

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