What is Safe-T-Rack®?

Safe-T-Rack® (STR®) is an innovative, patented tool for circuit breaker remote racking and control. This product family was specifically developed to provide users of low and medium voltage circuit breakers, including GE vertical lift (MagneBlast) designs and a variety of horizontally racked breakers, a comprehensive alternative to arc flash protection garments.

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What can Remote Racking do for you?

OSHA Standards now recognize the hazards associated with arc flash incidents as defined in NFPA 70E. The new OSHA standards create heightened awareness of arc flash mitigation solution requirements associated with circuit breaker racking operations. Circuit breaker remote racking systems are used in a number of industries, including: power generation, electrical transmission & distribution, mining, petrochemical, oil refining, steel/metals and pulp/paper.


Remote Solutions Introduces the Rotary Hot Stick Operator

The Rotary Hot Stick Operator (RHSO), intended for use by field technicians in remotely opening or closing electrical load break switches, is the first of its kind to remove workers from hazardous locations when performing switch service.

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