The Rotary Hot Stick Operator (RHSO) is for use by field technicians to remotely open or close electrical load break switches. It automates the process of opening/closing rotary vault switches with an insulating hot stick and eliminates the need for personnel to manually perform this procedure while straddling the vault opening. Linear LHSO version is also available.

Remote Operation Rotary Hot Stick Operator Tripod

The RHSO Tripod with universal handheld controller.

The system can be configured for both rotary and linear switch operators and will work with all switch types: air, oil, vacuum and SF6. An optional multi-axis configuration allows for either vertical or horizontal orientation.

The RHSO is suitable for use with equipment like Load Break Oil Rotary (LBOR) switches. These switches provide making or breaking of specified currents and are typically installed in manholes and underground or sidewalk vaults, where they are subject to moisture, particulates, corrosive materials, and a wide range of temperatures. Workers in this environment are exposed to critical safety hazards, especially when dealing with older underground infrastructure and equipment.

The Rotary Hot Stick Operator uses a rugged fiberglass tripod to center a rotary apparatus over the vault. A precision, motorized clamp assembly rotates the hot stick, which is attached to an eyelet in order to open or close the switch contacts. The RHSO is designed for standalone local operation and is powered by AA alkaline batteries. United States Patent 7,825,344.

Standard Features

  • Standalone local operation
  • Weatherized design
  • Accepts various diameters/shapes of insulated hot sticks
  • Non-conductive construction
  • Compact, lightweight (under 3 lbs.)
  • Fiberglass tripod & storage case
  • Expandable CAN-bus design
  • LED indication (motor direction/status)
  • Torque & travel limits
  • Powered by readily available AA alkaline batteries

Optional Features

  • Universal handheld controller (enhanced operator feedback)
  • 50 ft. communication cable
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • Multi-axis mounting