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Remote Racking Demonstration
Racking demonstration on one of our dozens of switchgear lineups

Due to the rise of Covid-19, business practices are changing all over the country. At Remote Solutions, we found ourselves to in a challenging situation given that much of our sales presentations and training depend on travel and live demonstrations. While we aim to provide the highest quality of customer service, we also don’t want to put families at risk of getting sick.

This became a unique opportunity to rapidly advance the way we do business. With dozens of switchgear lineups in our Tucson, AZ facility, it became clear that although we use those switchgear for R&D and testing, we can also use them for live demonstrations. Our remote racking system is universal, meaning the only tool that changes is the bracket mounted to the breaker. So, with a few basic functions, our system can rack new and antique breakers, fickle actuators, difficult switches, or any other mechanism you can throw at us. We have over 60 breakers, cubicles, switches, and actuators to operate in our facility. If we don’t have your exact breaker, we’re able to provide a demonstration on something very similar.

Remote racking a breaker for demonstration
Remote racking a breaker in our lobby for demonstration in Tucson, Arizona

That said, our engineers and designers are in-house and know breakers and switchgear like a good friend. We design and produce our product in Arizona, so the quality is reliable, and the product is dependable. We are constantly improving our designs and innovating newer and safer ways to operate breakers. Now we’re able to show you the advancements we’re making in a live, streaming video. Contact someone from our sales department at sales@safe-t-rack.com to schedule a demonstration.  

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