SB type remote switching kit by Safe-T-Rack

Universal, Portable Remote Open/Close Device

SRU Battery Powered System

The Safe-T-Rack SR-U battery-operated system is the only fully automated, portable and scalable remote open/close and switching system that can be used for both remote switching and remote racking.

Complete with ergonomic design and automated safety features that your operators can control from up to 150 ft away to keep your team and equipment

Need a remote switching device for SB-1 style switches?

» Custom Specifications

We deliver a system that works with your existing switchgear infrastructure

» Smart Safety Features

Auto-shutoff and auto-disconnect to protect the operator and equipment

» Portable, Ergonomic Design

A remote switching that’s easy for your crew to move and use

» Precision Engineering

In-house design and manufacturing for responsive innovation

» Universal System

One drive unit mounts on any circuit breaker, even in tight spaces

» Safest Distance

Working distance up to 150 feet

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