Expanding our ROC Product Line


This year Remote Solutions, LLC. has introduced two innovative products to our Remote Open/Close product line (ROC). In March we released the Limitamp ROC Contact Operator and in June we released the R-Frame Operator. With the R-Frame Operator, we worked with Schneider Electric to provide the safest, lightest, and most effective ROC Breaker Operator on the market.

The two brackets mentioned in the the text: the General Electric Limitamp, and the Schneider Electric R-Frame breaker.

One thing that both operators have in common, and what our aim is to produce moving forward, is the No-Mod (no modifications) aspects of these products. This means that to operate the product, no modifications have to happen to the breaker face or cubical. In most designs we use extremely durable and strong rare earth magnets to secure the Open/Close device in place. Once aligned, the ROC performs the switching or contactor function from up to 150 feet away.

A complete Portable Kit including a Handheld Controller, a Motor Drive Unit, two 28V batteries with a charger, all packed in a weatherproof case.

While most of the SR-U products include full use of the Portable Kit, seen above, many of the ROC switches and devices only require a partial kit: a 28v battery with included charger, Handheld Controller, and 50’ cable that can be ganged together to reach up to 150 feet away. In this way, having a versatile Portable Kit saves the consumer money in the long run. If the customer already has a full portable kit, then there is no need to purchase a second partial kit to operate a ROC device.

A partial Portable Kit including a Handheld Controller, two 28V batteries, a 50 foot cable, and battery charger.

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